How To Log Out Of Facebook From Another Location? If You Forget To Log Out


Have you ever come across a situation like leaving your Facebook account signed in and your friend or stranger started using it in some mischievous way? If so, you may know how it hurts. Be aware of knowing the method to log out of Facebook from another location.


In order to log out of Facebook from another location do the instructions given below,

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Go to the Settings option by clicking the Gear wheel on the top right side. Choose Account Setting From the menu.

1-22-2014 11-28-48 PM

  • Click the Security options from the top left side.

1-22-2014 11-33-46 PM

  • On the bottom of security options you can find Active Sessions, just click the Edit option on it.

1-22-2014 11-37-30 PM

  • Now you can see the active sessions on your Facebook Account, just click the End Activity option to log out.

1-22-2014 11-40-12 PM

  • That’s it. If you would like to log out of all active sessions just click the End All Activity.

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