Disable Blue Tick In Whatsapp’s New Version 2.11.444


Wait! Don’t migrate from Whatsapp due to new read receipt feature. We got an option to disable it without downgrading the version.

Whatsapp new version 2.11.444 is available now and it got an option to turn on/off read receipt feature. To disable the blue check marks, download latest version of Whatsapp, go to whatsapp settings —> Account —> Privacy —> Read Receipt (remove the tick from the check box).

The latest version is not yet available on Google play store, but you can get it from official Whatsapp page.

Screenshot_2014-11-14-21-31-05 Screenshot_2014-11-14-21-31-09 Screenshot_2014-11-14-21-31-13
That’s it! Read receipts feature is disabled. The new version is available only for Android, will be available soon for iOS and Windows Phone devices too. Thanks Whatsapp for considering users privacy.

Here’s the link to download Whatsapp version 2.11.444.

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