Facebook Is Down, #facebookdown Is Trending on Twitter


Update: Facebook server was down for around 30 mins. It’s back to normal now. Do we need to change our password?


Facebook is down, and you’re not alone. Looks like Facebook server is down for more than 10 mins on our side, what about you? Are you facing same kind of error shown below,

facebook is down

Not only the web version, Facebook app and messenger also facing same kind of error,
Screenshot_2014-06-19-13-38-55 Screenshot_2014-06-19-13-56-21

Still there’s no response from the officials, till then keep refreshing the page.

Its gonna be raining tweets about #Facebookdown on Twitter today. Can Twitter handle this much tweets today due to Facebook outage?

Here are few funny tweets for Facebook down on Twitter,

Share your views in comment section that how much you were lost in this internet world without Facebook for few mins.


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