Reddit Live Officially Launched For All Redditers


Reddit is a Social Networking Website sharing news, entertainment, etc. Reddit now introduces Blogging platform in their website known as Reddit Live. You must have a Reddit account for using Reddit Live.


Here’s the link to create a new post Reddit live.


Reddit has been testing Reddit Live for some months, Reddit workers were only able to create live streams. Now Reddit has officially announced Reddit Live for every Reddit user.

Here’s the link to check ongoing live discussions.


There are many live discussions going on. You can check topics and can join anyone of them. You can share embedded Tweets from twitter, add videos, etc. Your posts in the Reddit Live will be automatically added to your wall.

“We’ve been working hard to improve this platform and have released some location targeting on the front page that will make ads more relevant for location specific like products and services like movie premieres, products that can only ship to specific areas, concerts or other meetup in specific cities and more” says Reddit.


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