Facebook Started Displaying Trending Topics Within The News Feeds

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A few weeks back Facebook started displaying trending topics to its right side of the news feed, which was hardly noticed or clicked by the users though it’s a kind of informative to all. And now Facebook has started to roll out the trending topics within the news feed, as the trending topics started appearing above the related posts in the news feed. This update is new to desktop users and kind of old one to mobile users, as Facebook will test all its new feature with small screens first and then roll out it to the big screen users.


Here’s the screenshot of trending topic displayed within the news feed above the related post,

2-13-2014 2-38-47 AMBy clicking on the trending topics you can get more post related to it, which might give you more details about the topic. And we all know that the trending topics shown based on our country, pages we like and what we interested in. These kind of update will help users who would like to know more about a particular topic. Who knows Facebook will be an informative network in the coming days than being a social network.

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