YouTube Brings Realtime Stats Feature For PC Users

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Alright YouTuber’s, realtime stats has arrived to desktop, and you can start tracking realtime views for your video on your YouTube channel. Previously, realtime report was available only on YouTube Creator Studio app. If you still didn’t try the official YouTube Creator Studio app, here’s the link to download for Android, iOS devices.

Have a quick video tour of YouTube Studio Creator app,

How to get YouTube realtime reports for PC Users:

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • Choose the channel you would like to check out the stats.
  • Now, go to your channel’s dashboard or click this link(
  • Click Analytics —-> Real time or click this link(
  • Realtime reports is now available. You can see two graphs for the last 5 published videos

Hour-by-hour data is available for a sliding window of 2 days (“Last 48 hours”)

Minute-by-minute data is available for a sliding window of 1 hour (“Last 60 mins”)

  • If you need the realtime reports for the older videos, make use of the search box by typing the video title and you can view stats of those video stats.

9-19-2014 5-16-16 AM

  • In the left side graph, you can get the estimated views for the last 48 hours , and estimated views for the last 60 minutes in right side graph.
  • Find more about Realtime reports here.

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