Add Shield For Chrome To Stay Away From Adware, Spyware, Malware Extensions And Websites

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Recently, Google removed few extensions from chrome store due to adware enabled within those extensions. It’s not the first time that Google is removing extensions from chrome store, as they will be regularly checking those extensions uploaded to chrome store. But few extensions may not be noticed by Google and we may be using it. And we would be the victim. How to get rid of those extensions?

By adding Shield for Chrome extension to your browser you may feel safe from those adware, spyware, malware extensions and websites. As it monitors the extensions and website’s behavior to detect malicious patterns and warns us to uninstall those extensions. It accesses your data on all websites, tabs and browsing activity to monitor.

Once you add the shield extension to your browser it automatically checks for malware extensions and warns you about the potential adware found in your browser. You can remove those adware by clicking uninstall on the left side to those extension icons & name.

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Currently it detects only those extensions available in chrome store, it may consider external extensions as a malware. So think before uninstalling the extensions from the browser. We may expect some update regarding those external extensions in future. Till that get rid of those extensions in chrome store using shield extension.

Here’s the link to download Shield For Chrome.


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