Best Smartphones Of 2014: MKBHD Edition

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MKBHD, the best technology reviewer on the planet revealed the best smartphones of the year 2014. MKBHD reviews various tech gadgets on his YouTube channel for past 6 years, and there are many followers of him who would buy the product blindly by just watching his review video. If you have plan of upgrading your smartphone to the best in the market, do check out MKBHD’s ‘Smartphone Awards: 2014’ video.


MKBHD has listed out the best smartphones of 2014 under 9 different categories,

  • Top Big Phones
  • Best Compact Phones
  • Best Smartphone Cameras
  • Best Budget Smartphones
  • Most Improved Smartphone
  • Best Windows Phones
  • Craziest Design
  • Bust of the Year
  • Best Smartphone of the Year

Smartphone Awards: 2014!


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