Android 5.0 : “L” For Lollipop

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Earlier today, Google teased about their next Android version 5.0 with a 33 sec video on YouTube. The promo video titled as “Sweeeeet”, and the description says “There can only be one L. Coming soon.”


Apparently, Google added too much of sweeeeeeet in the promo video.

And now a Google developer has posted a screenshot of the latest Android version 5.0 in the chromium issue tracker site. The screenshot has got some ingredient in the notification tray which might lead us to the conclusion of what the next version of Android will be named. Just check out the screenshot below,


Is it a just an icon? No, its an icon of the next Android Version 5.0 and it denotes “Lollipop”. Well, the news is not official yet. Lets wait for the officials to confirm it. Until then lets spread out this news and make the world believe.

Share your views on the latest melt of the Android version 5.0.


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