Get Oneplus One Lockscreen On Any Android Device

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Want Oneplus One lockscreen on your Android device?
+One LockscreenYou don’t need a cyanogenmod or Android version 4.4, neither a rooted device to get this lockscreen on your Android device. Unrooted Android phone with version 4.0 and above is compatible for this app.


Download the app from the play store, open the app to customize it. In free version of this app, you can access features like enable/disable lockscreen, enable notifications, adjust tile transparency and can enable vibration on unlocking the device. Make sure you’ve disabled the other lockscreen on your device, if any other lockscreen or default lockscreen is enabled Oneplus lockscreen won’t work.

Oneplus Lockscreen features:

  • Blurs Wallpaper
  • Sharpens Wallpaper on swipe down
  • Music Controls Notifications at a quick Glance
  • Quick access to camera
  • Disable notifications
  • Vibrate on Unlock

Upgrading to premium version will enable you to change tile color, text color, set custom wallpaper, private notification sub-text.

Here’s the link to Download Oneplus Lockscreen from Play Store.

Verdict: Happy about getting a new lockscreen for my device, but the app crashes often. What about yours? Share it the comment section below.

Image Courtesy: Mycolorscreen

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