Google Maps Updated On iOS And Android

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As we know about Google Maps, which is a Web mapping service by Google. Now Google Maps have updated with new features like Lane guidance, Offline maps and Uber integration. These updates makes our travel easier and faster.



Lane guidance is with Voice guidance and it shows which lane will be correct for going to your destination. There are alternative ways shown for your destination. When you are in traffic this will be very helpful.


Offline mapping is the next feature, when you are going to a location, you can save this map to use offline. Once you have saved, in future when you are going to the location, accessing the map becomes easy.


If you have Uber installed in your device, you can check whether to go by Train or Bus or by walk with the average time taken of each transports.

Google has added new search filter for searching hotels and bars which includes Opening & Closing time,Ratings &Price.

Download Google Map At Play Store

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