Google+ Rolls Out Polls Feature

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Google Plus rolls out Polls feature to all its users. Using this new feature users can create a poll and get opinions from other users in their circle. You can create polls with up to five choices and use photos to make them beautiful and engaging.


Here’s a preview of a poll created,

Dannis Troper about the poll update,

How to create poll in Google Plus

  • Go to your Google plus home page.
  • Click the new Poll icon.

  • Type in the question and choices, click the share button once finished. You can add more than two choices by clicking +More Choices.

  • This is how your poll will look alike once published to all users in your circle.


Seems like Google is still following the foot path of Facebook for its success. As we had already used and bored of polls on Facebook. Share your views on new Google Plus poll update.


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