Google Play Store Version 5.0.31 Available For Upgrade

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If you think previous version of Google play store was the best material design ever, you will change your mind after checking out the latest version. Google Play Store Version 5.0.31 is now available with even more material design, simpler and neat.


After a long time Google has updated the play store icon in this update,

play store icon

And more material design,



10-10-2014 8-37-24 PM


You can download and install the latest version of Google play store from the below link. There are a lot more updates available in the latest version, just explore it and comment about it in below comment box.

Note: If your device is running on Android L Preview, you might want to hold off on this update. There are numerous reports that this version of the Play Store is crashing on Android L Preview.

Here’s the link to download Google Play Store 5.0.31.

SOURCE: Android Police

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