Google Search Reunion : Reunites Nation

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Google launched a new 3mins ad video yesterday, and its been trending all over same like nexus 5 and Android KitKat 4.4 rumours. This Ad video is gonna be an EPIC one from Google. The concept of the ad is not like average ad video and it would be a sure hit movie if Google launched it as a full featured film. As it has all sorts of ingredients to be a successful full featured movie.


Indo-Pak partition at 1947 was the back drop for the video, where several friends and families were separated during the partition of two nations. Google tried to unite such friends who were separated by nations. In the beginning of the video an elder man from India tells about his childhood friendship to his granddaughter by showing a vintage photograph. Granddaughter tries to help grandfather by reuniting him with his childhood friend on his birthday, so she lends help from Google.

By using Google search did she reunites the partitioned friendship of her grandfather? Whether the granddaughter succeed using Google? Did the friendship reunites?

Check out the YouTube video below to know what happened at the end and how Google search reunites the people of different nations.

Do you think it can be made as a full featured film? You can share your views about the video in our comment section.


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