Google To Add Live Events On Google Search

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Google is adding live events of person on Google search. Searching for a person on Google search, will display live event with author’s profile as first result.


Google says “We are rolling out an experiment where you can easily find YouTube life events or Hangouts on air to watch by searching for the event on For example, if an author is asking questions about their latest book in a Hangout on air, you can search author’s name to find and watch the event”.


When you search a person’s name on Google search, you can find a card displaying the person’s photo, name and also watch live event, clicking live event will lead to live YouTube video or Hangout on Air. Watch live event is applicable only when they are live YouTube or Hangout.

You can find list of live events here.

Hangouts on Air.

YouTube Live events.

You will be notified 3 hours before the life event happening. Add events with above links and you can straightly watch live on YouTube. You can add reminder for tomorrows event in calender.

Source: Googlesystem


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