Click Modifiers: Modifies Link Clicking According To Your Need

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Click modifiers is a new Firefox add-on released by Zerf. Click modifiers changes link clicking behaviour when using modifier keys or middle mouse button. Click modifiers can change the action of clicking with use of keys Alt, Ctrl, Shift and mouse middle button. But on iOS except Ctrl, everything works right. There are many actions like Open in new tab, Open in new Window, Open in background tab, Open in current tab, etc. These action can be made Firefox’s default action.


Click Modifiers looks like,


After Installing this addon Go to Tools–> Addons–> Extensions

You can see Click modifiers, for changing Alt and click go to the Dropdown box near Alt clicking link, set the action that you need. Similarly you can modify Shift and Ctrl with click.

Clicking the dropdown box you can see options like Open in a newtab, Open in a New window, etc. Select the option which we need and click on it.


While you are browsing, when you click a link with pressing Alt, the action you have set will occur. For example,if you have set Open in a new window action, it opens in a new window.

Similarly you can modify for Shift,Ctrl and Middle mouse buttons.

Download Click Modifiers For Firefox here

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