How To Save Facebook Posts For Viewing Later?

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Facebook has announced a new feature to save links, places, music, books, TV shows, movies. While you are in a rush, you need to save a link, saving feature will be useful. Saving feature  is similar to Bookmarking in Browsers. You can refer to your saved posts later. Facebook save is available for both Mobile and Web.


Facebook Save in PC:

  • For saving posts click on the more options and select save option.

  • You can also save pages.

  • You can access saved posts at saved column below News Feed.

  • You can refer to your saved posts for  anytime. Click on saved tab and a new page open with many categories. You can see your posts under the related categories.

  • You can also remove the saved pages, by clicking remove button. The post will be moved to archives.

Facebook save on Mobiles:

Facebook save is also available in mobiles. Similarly you can save links in mobile, click on more and select save.

  • You can access to saved posts by clicking saved tab.

  • You can see posts which you have saved.

Officially know more about Facebook save.


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