The World’s First 4TB SAS SSD Unveiled by SanDisk

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A global leader in flash storage division, SanDisk has unveiled the world’s first 4TB SAS Solid State Drive. And it was named as “Optimus MAX SSD”, along with Optimus Max SSD there were few more new inclusions in SanDisk’s storage device family are Optimus Eco SSD, Optimus Ascend SSD, Optimus Ultra SSD and Optimus Extreme SSD. All new inclusions will be available with TCG Enterprise Security Subsystem in Q3-2014.

Sandisk Optimus MAX

Sandisk Vice-President, John Scaramuzzo about Optimus MAX

We believe the Optimus MAX will be a significant disruptor in the storage industry. This drive not only raises the bar on SAS SSD capacity, but is a true replacement for enterprise HDDs as it delivers SAS features and performance at a new level of affordability that rivals enterprise SATA SSDs.  Not only have enterprise SSDs continued to decline in price per GB, but most importantly the total cost of acquisition (TCA) has plunged.  The TCA not only includes the purchase of the drives, but also all the necessary infrastructure that goes with it:  system enclosures, power supplies, HBAs, DRAM, cables, etc.

Sandisk assures that the new Optimus SSD’s will offer better performance, uptime, and longevity suitable for read-intensive enterprise workloads. There were no details about the pricing of each new SSD’s. What do you think about the new products of SanDisk? Will you buy it when it is available in market.

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SOURCE: Sandisk


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