How To Download Wikipedia Documents In A PDF File? Forget About Copy Pasting

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Without Wikipedia many projects and papers would be incomplete, sometimes the project idea won’t be existing. Do you accept it? Sure, you will as you might have scrapped some details from Wikipedia to complete a project of yours or your child’s. It would be more useful when you save the document to your computer for offline reading, it might be useful when you don’t have access to internet. If you would like to save the Wikipedia document, use the below mention method. Do you know Wikipedia allows us to download their document, so forget about copy pasting to word document.

  • Go to respected Wikipedia page that you need to download.
  • Now, Click “Print/export” on the left side of the page and click on “Download as PDF” link.

5-3-2014 7-27-20 PM

  • Wait till the rendering gets finished.
  • Once it display “The document file has been generated” Click the “Download the file” link to download.

5-3-2014 7-35-07 PM

  • That’s it! The document you needed will be downloaded in PDF format.

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