How To Convert HTML To PDF document?

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Previously, we notified how to convert PDF to Word using Google Drive. In same way, if you would like to convert a HTML to PDF file, you won’t be in need of download any converter to convert. You can use the same Google Drive method to convert a HTML to PDF, just follow the instructions below to convert your file.

  • Open any web browser on your PC and go to
  • Log-in using your Gmail id and password.
  • Click on “Upload” button to upload your HTML document that you want to convert.

4-18-2014 2-17-07 PM

  • Right-click on the uploaded HTML document and choose Open with —> Google Docs

html to pdf


  • Click on File —> Download as —> choose PDF document.

pdf to html

  • That’s it! File will be downloaded in PDF format.

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