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Mostly in Facebook we share only YouTube videos. When it comes to Facebook videos which is uploaded to Facebook, how will you download. If you use Internet Download Manager you can easily download those Facebook videos, not only using IDM there are few alternatives to download Facebook Videos. And here are those alternatives to download Facebook videos,


Method 1: Using Downvids

Its not about a software to download videos, its just about a website were you need to copy & paste the video URL to and then download link for the video will be generated. You just need to right-click the download button and choose save as option to download videos. You can also choose the quality of the video like 480p, 720p, 1080p or default size to download. Downvids is so elegant without many ads as we can find the download link easily and save it to our PC.

Visit to download Facebook videos.


Method 2: Using Fbdown

Fbdown is similar to the above method to download facebook videos. But there is a unique method in it to download videos, where you can just insert few text to the Facebook URL to download or you can just copy & paste the link to Once the download link is generated right-click the download button and choose Save as option, and then the video will start downloading.

Example: If the video URL is  just add videoz after facebook like and then hit enter to download videos.

Visit to download Facebook videos.


You can download the video either in High Quality or Low Quality as you wish.


That’s it now you can download your favourite Facebook videos using any one method given above. If any error occurs, just comment about it we will help you out.




  1. hie yogeshwaran, i just found a site which helps me to download fb videos in a sec. , very easy to use . thanks

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