Find My Friends: Android App To Track Your Friends, Kids Location

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Nobody dislikes spying device, do you? During childhood everyone loves to collect some 007 gadgets. Later on, it remains unused and goes to attic. Nowadays, there are a lot of advanced devices available which can track anything from anywhere (Sorry, I’m not speaking about any spy devices used by NSA) It’s all about an Android app which can track your friend location. Are you ready to explore friend locator app?


Find My Friends! is a free Android app, which can locate your friends and identifies their exact location on the app’s navigational map. By using friend locator, no one can lie to you saying that they’re on the way lying on bed. You can also use friend locator on your family members smartphones to make sure they’re on safe place. It uses GPS technology to provide accurate and real time updates to us. And lot more features to locate on the app.

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BEWARE: Don’t let your girl friend to know that your using friend locator on your phone 😉

Once you install friend locator to your device, you would asked to create an account to access its features. Once you signed in with your account, you can invite your friends and family members to use LIFE360 app.You can either use your friends email id or phone number to send invite. And you can track your friends location only when they accept the invite and created an account on life360. An icon with your friends name and picture will be available to identify each friends location easily.

It can work on any devices like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android devices and non-smartphone devices, by just sending invite via text message. Friends can send you alerts when they check in at a destination, using people search tool.

The hardest thing is to make your friend to accept your invite. How are you going to trick your friend to accept your location? Are you going to…. Do share your techniques.

DISCLAIMER: We’re not responsible if your relationship is broken due to Friend Locator app.

Here’s the link to download Find My Friends from Play Store.

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