Finger Reader: Blind And Impaired People Can Read Books With Audio

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Finger reader is a tool developed by MIT media lab. Finger reader helps blind people to read books with audio. This method is developed from Braille reader. You can know more about Braille reader from Wikipedia. Finger reader has a ring like structure fixed at our index finger. Finger reader has a small camera and audio reading device. The camera is fixed in the way detecting words, lines, end of lines, etc. Finger reader will be useful for translating languages also. With this finger reader you can study any languages. Finger reader is totally different from software like Text detective and Say text.



Finger reader uses camera to recognize text in the book, and converts to audio, plays back audio. As we move the finger across word, the audio plays. Finger reader scans line-by-line, also detects end of line using space between the words. Finger reader is useful for people who are blind and also for impaired ones.

Jerry Berrier, aged 62 a born blind. The Finger reader will allow him freedom he never had before. “When I go to the doctor’s office there may be forms that i wanna read before I sign them”.

Also he stated “Everywhere we go, for folks are sighted, there are things that inform us about the products that we are about the products that we are about to interact with. I wanna be able to interact with those same products, regardless of how I have to do it.”

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