Get Internet Access Via Android Phone To Your PC

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You can share your internet connection via Android phone using Wi-Fi hotspot or a data cable.


Perform the below operations to get internet access via Android phone to your PC

Method 1. Using A data cable

  • Connect the data cable to your PC and Android phone.
  • After getting connected go to phone’s Setting, tap the More option in Wireless & Networks


  • Now choose Tethering & portable hotspot


  • Tap the check button to enable internet access using USB tethering.


  • That’s it. Now you can use internet on your PC using an Android phone.

Method 2. Using WiFi Hotspot

  • Turn on WiFi connection in both PC and Android phone.
  • Go to phone’s Settings, tap the More option in Wireless & Networks.


  • Choose Tethering & portable hotspot.


  • Tap the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot, if you would like to keep your connection password free choose open or choose WPA or WPA2 for secure connection.Screenshot_2014-01-21-19-42-18
  • If you choose WPA or WPA2 enter the password to get connected, after entering password tap the save button.
  • Now tap the check button to enable internet access via Wi-Fi hotspot.


  • Search for your Wi-Fi connection from your PC, if have enabled WPA connection then enter the password to get connected.
  • That’s it.

If any problem exists just leave a comment about it in the comment section below, we will help you out.


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