Google Makes Our Search Simpler By Displaying More Information About Websites To Find The Right Result


Google always makes our search simple and easy to get. And now it makes more simpler to find the right one by displaying more information about the website in the search page. The info displayed in the search results includes the founded year, Awards earned, and some general description about the website.

The extra information provided when a website is widely recognized by others as a notable online, and there is some enough information to show. The information we see is based on the Google’s Knowledge Graph. Once Google expands the Knowledge Graph, we can expect more information about more websites. We may expect Tech2Notify like this in future.

Bart Niechwiej, Software Engineer at Google said that,

As you choose the right search result for you — be that about the American Civil War or back pain — you want to know where the results come from. To help you learn more about the websites you see in your search results, starting today you may see more information about them directly on the results page when you search on your desktop.

SOURCE: Google

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