Retrica: Recreate Your Photos With More Effects And Filters

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Retrica is a photo capturing app which is a great app for selfies. This app has many filters and effects which makes photo editing easier than other apps.


When we open, it automatically uses phones camera for capturing photos. We can change the effect and filters before taking a photo. Retrica captures the photos with the effect and filter which we had applied. Some effects and filters are locked we can buy. Effects like Polaroid, Jupiter and Golden are more popular.



Features of Retrica

  • 80 real-time vintage filters.
  • Vignette.
  • Out of focus blur.
  • Self timer.
  • Photo booth with various layouts.
  • Selectable borders.
  • Retrica logo watermark.
  • Import photos from saved album.
  • No ads.
  • Professionally designed filters.

Retrica makes a photo to give a professional look for photos just with use of filters and effects. You can create photo collages with filters applied. Self timer is to take consecutive number of photos. 22 layouts are available for photo collage. Retrica provides countless features and filters as default. Retrica Logo Water mark has a 14 awesome Retrica logos. Photos can be cropped and filled up with effects. Images can be shared in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • More filters and effects.
  • Selfie lovers love this app.
  • Profession look of images.


  • In some phones this app doesn’t work properly.
  • No control while using Vignette.
  • Some bugs with filter.
  • Restarts many times while using this app.

Here’s the link to download Retrica from Play store.

Here’s the link to download Retrica from itunes store.

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  1. Thanks for the review. This app missing the buttons hotlinking feature. This makes it hard to capture pics on those devices which does not have a dedicated capture key. BTW the app has a good collection of filters and blur. Best for “hipster” and “tumler” junkies.

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