The Must needed SEO Apps

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For anyone who owns a website would lose his investment if it does not show up in the search engine results when someone types in with a keyword. SEO comes in for rescue here. SEO or Search engine optimization is a technique to maximize the online presence besides increasing the traffic. It makes the access easy for both users and websites and is carried out by a multitude of methods. But how does one know whether the efforts made are paying off or not? Luckily there are some tools/apps to gather the required information.


The 5 must needed SEO apps are

Google analytics

You can access Google Analytics profiles from the handheld device. It can be installed easily and can be used with Google Display Network. Everyone can benefit from the app be it data scientist or a marketing manager.


  • A data driven attrition model provides the complete picture of the digital channels, devices and keywords
  • Tracks the journey of the consumer irrespective of the purchase made or not
  • Cross platform integration with Google Display Network Adwords and more
  • Optimized for phones and tablets

It is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

SEO automatic


The app provides all the ranking factors right in the palm of your hands. It is available both on Android and iPhone for free.


To get the entire information, run the report on any web page. You get:

  • Title tag, Keyword tag and Description tag
  • Header tags, Robots txt file, Alt tags
  • XML sitemap, Internal links, External links
  • Object size, Image size, page size, Design issues, Styling issues
  • Page and Image caching, Favicon implementation, Server Configuration
  • Canonical issues and much more

Google Drive


The app offers a safe place where you can upload your photos, videos, documents and other important files and access them from anywhere. Isn’t that great? It is free and the compatibility varies with the device.


  • Upload photos, videos
  • Share them with friends and family
  • Create files available offline
  • Manage files while traveling
  • Watch PDFs and office documents
  • Scan letters, receipts and documents with the camera available on the device and find out by contents
  • Edit and sync files immediately with the same documents on your desktop
  • Print files using Google cloud print on the move


It is developed by Droids on Roids, a mobile app development company. You can learn about the position of your website in Google results through this app. The pro version tells about full history for each keyword, sharing and sending reports and unlimited number of keywords. This Android app costs 6.99$.


With this app, you can learn about:

  • KSeyword position
  • Rank stats
  • Social stats
  • Google Page rank
  • Alexa popularity
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo indexes
  • Facebook likes and shares
  • Pinterest pins
  • Google +1
  • IP addresses
  • LinkedIn shares

AdSense Dashboard

It provides outline on AdSense performance metrics such as CTR, CPM, clicks, page views and the estimated revenue.


  • A lockscreen and desktop widget to display the present day statistics
  • Google’s AdSense Management API to make read only view of the data
  • Supports tablets,, phones with bigger screens and Google TV

This android app will not cost you anything. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and above.

The creation of such mobile applications by the development companies is a boon for the website owners. They must


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