The Long Wait Is Over! Publish Button Is Now Available On YouTube

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YouTubers, The long wait is over! We always wish for a Publish button on YouTube while uploading videos, which would allow us take control over publishing the video to the world when we wish. These days we were compelled to choose the private option before uploading the video, hereafter you won’t need that as YouTube brings up a major update to all users. Are you ready to explore the changes made?
youtube publish button


Few days back, YouTube rolled out a new User Interface. You might have grasped the update details by checking out the above screenshot,have you? Can you believe that there’s a blue colored publish button right next to the status bar. If you can’t believe, do check by uploading video to your YouTube page.

The new Publish button gives us control over the video, as we can take our own time to publish a video on YouTube after uploading. By default the video we upload to YouTube will be kept private until we click Publish. There are lot more tweaks made like the new upload status bar, categories moved to the advanced settings tab, Add to playlist option.


Are you excited about the new update?

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  1. Yes it is a good thing. Can one hit the Publish button while the video is uploaded and walk away to have the video go live when it completes the upload and gets transcoded?

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