Record Skype Audio Calls Using MP3 Skype Recorder

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Skype is a popular IM which is used for making free phone calls, video calls and messaging. Skype is widely used for Office use, calling friends in other countries, etc. Skype is popular in many communities, since it has good signal reception from sender and receiver. Many paid recording apps in skype are available but MP3 Skype Recorder provides free audio call recorder for all. This app is not an official one, but useful for all. MP3 Skype Recorder has many features when compared to the other apps.


Features  of MP3 Skype Recorder,

  • Free of cost
  • Recording can be automatic or manual
  • All files stored in .mp3 format
  • Simultaneous calls can be saved seperately
  • Easy to use

MP3 Skype Recorder looks like,


Here’s the link download MP3 Skype Recorder.

After downloading and installing MP3 Skype recorder to your computer. MP3 Skype recorder will be minimized to your computer’s taskbar,  just click on the application to launch. Now, call your friend using skype. After few seconds a notification appears in taskbar like Recording started.


MP3 recorder starts recording automatically, you can modify the settings from automatic to manual. When you end the call a notificaion will appear in the taskbar displaying Recording finished.


If you want to listen the recorded audio file, click the Recording destination folder button in MP3 Skype recorder app to access to saved files.


You can change the bitrate of the recording according to your as wish, which could save some memory on your computer. That’s it! you can save any number of Skype calls using MP3 Skype recorder.

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