Samsung Is Fined $340,000 For Faking Online Comments

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Brands mocking within themselves is a common thing nowadays. As we had seen several mocks made by many grown up and growing companies, and notably some funny mocks made by Samsung, Nokia. But what will happen beyond these funny remarks and mockings. Can you guess? And here’s what a thing happened beyond those fun.


In recent times Samsung is emerging to be a successful brand in smartphone sales and sets up a new record by earning profit of 26 percent for their quarterly operating. Though its being successful on one side, its been slammed in Taiwan on the other side for faking online comments about HTC. As Samsung was fined $340,000 for their allegations towards HTC.

Earlier this year Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) fined Samsung $300,000 for a misleading advertisement about the camera features in one of their product. Now FTC fined Samsung once again for faking comments by hiring a large number of writers to post fake comment about their competing products in a forum, and competing products were found to have HTC’s logo on them. Thus faking of info by hiring writers were turned out to be true, and even Samsung had admitted it.

Regarding this issue Samsung says,

“However, we remain committed to engaging in transparent and honest communication with consumers,” – “Samsung Electronics Taiwan is carefully reviewing the decision and will take all necessary steps to protect our reputation as a company which values its customers. Samsung Electronics Taiwan will continue to provide exceptional value for consumers in Taiwan through a wide variety of innovative products and services.”

Well Samsung proves that they can do anything to be successful, and they didn’t think of what will be happening in the future.

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