Nokia Mocks Apple & Samsung In New Ad Video


“Never compete with someone who has nothing to lose.”
Baltasar Gracián

There is no win without a fight. Apple is “Most Valuable Company” for past two years, and one of my dream brand, will buy all gadgets integrated to Apple in future ;) . Overall Apple would be the only competitors for all mobile brands, as they would like to take over Apple’s position. As its a tech warfare, we customers will be choosing the best one out of it. And we would be experiencing lots of remarkable features like gesture controls, smart pause, dust & water proof, photographic features and lot more to draw in us. As we know that both Apple and Samsung will be always busy with their regular patent infringement issues and Nokia is warming up to re enter the warfare after a long fall back.

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As of tech ware fare Nokia had recently came out with their new tech of reinvented zoom, Nokia Lumia 1020. Nokia believes Lumia 1020 would be best to compete with all, as it improves its previous versions of PureView by coupling a new 41 megapixel with optical image stabilization to provide loss less zoom, higher resolution and definition. In order to promote their unique and reinvented zooming feature they came up with a playful child play at school, where parents would take over their child’s play with their smart phones. YouTube video in which Nokia mocks Apple and Samsung,

A year back Nokia mocks iPhone 5,

Here’s an another YouTube video where Samsung mocks at Apple

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