Samsung Mocks iPad Air & iPhone In A New Ad Video

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It’s not rumor time about Samsung Galaxy S5,  as we got some uber cool commercial video made by Samsung. As every brand would make a teaser video for their products and they would add some extra ingredients to that video to show what their product has and others don’t have. Samsung too made a teaser video for its product with some extra ingredients in it, but they spice it up by using another brand product in the video. The other brand product that gets mocked by Samsung in the new commercial video is  none other than the Apple products iPad & iPhone. We know that it’s been a long day since the big brands mocked each other, so lets watch it and have fun.


Normally Samsung won’t mock other brands by mentioning its name in the video. But this time they did it, they mentioned iPad Air in the commercial video. Not only about iPad Air, we got iPhone compared with Samsung Note 3 specs. Sure, we would get a reply video from Apple till then lets watch the mocking video made by Samsung.

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