Show/Hide Password Extension Will Let You To View Hidden Passwords

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How long is your password? Is it too lengthy? We may use long and complex passwords for certain accounts to secure it. But sometime we may type those passwords wrong which may make us feel why do we use such long passwords. Using long & complex passwords are a good one but making mistakes while logging in will test our temper. In order to neglect those situations we got a cure to solve it.


Show/Hide password extension available for both Firefox and Chrome which will let you to view hidden passwords by adding a link near password field to show and hide the password you type in.

Once you installed the extension to your browser open the respective URL and start type in your user ID & password. You may find a red colored link below the password tab. By clicking Show you can view the password you type in, once again click Hide to hide the password.

12-27-2013 10-33-17 PM12-27-2013 10-37-13 PM12-27-2013 10-37-29 PMDoes this cure the incorrect password problem? hereafter you wont be having any password error while typing in. This will be useful when you’re using your PC alone, as you cant use it while people are near as your password may be exposed to others be aware while using show button.

You can find the download link below,

Download Show/Hide Password Extension For Firefox.

Download Show/Hide Password Extension For Google Chrome.


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