TaskSpace: Lets You To Group Any Applications In A Single Window[Multitasking]

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Now a days all are multitask performers who would do many work at the same time, but we may not finish a single work in time. It usually happens, and we will be having a reason to skip from one work to another work. But multitasking is different from normal life and machine life(computer), we have many known shortcuts in machine life which we can use it with trustworthy, but not in normal life we should take some risk before trying to do a new one. Coming back to machine life we have shortcut keys like Alt+Tab or Window key+Tab to switch from one program to an another program. It involves lots of clicks to switch from one program to an another program. Think about it when we have several windows opened to do a work. In order to minimalize the work we got an app to simplify multitasking.


TaskSpace is a windows utility software which would make our multitasking work lot easier by grouping any applications within a single window. By grouping many application within a single window would make us to work fast and easily access multiple applications simultaneously, and sure we would forget the shortcut keys for multitasking if we use Taskspace.

Once you download and extract the application to your computer, right click on Taskspace and choose Run as administrator. Then the application would launch, you can drag & drop the applications to Taskspace and start working. You can also resize the applications windows within Taskspace window.1-10-2014 11-27-34 PM

Taskspace can align the window size according to the application placed within it. It would help in various circumstances while performing multitasks. Lets make multitasking as simple as ever using Taskspcae.

Here’s the link to download Taskspace.


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