Time To Earn With Your Android Phone

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Nowadays smartphones rules the gamer world, social networking, media, editing and lot. It had become part of life for millions of users around the world. Other than gaming, texting, social networking there are lot more to do with it. Have you ever thought or searched of making money using your smartphone? To earn $ is so simple like locking and unlocking your smartphone ;), Oops I had leaked the keyword. Yes, its simple to earn $ by just swiping to unlock your smartphone.


Locket is an android application that displays ads on your lock screen by replacing your home screen image you set. Each time you unlock your phone you will be earning, as you will be doing the locking and unlocking many times in a day.

Once you download & install the application to your phone, locket requires info. about your age, gender and location to show relevant ads on your lock screen. You will be earning $, each time you swipe to see the ad. Locket pays you one cent per ad. You can also earn by referring it to your friend, you will be getting $1 for referring. You can payout once you reach $10.

Lets start making money by just swiping off.

Download Locket From Play Store


Here’s the YouTube video about Locket



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