Top Android Web Editors Apps for Web Developers

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In today’s demanding marketplace, the need for better and highly advanced technological aids is on a rise. Website is one such technological aid that is booming in leaps and bounds. As a result, a lot of companies as well as businesses are hunting for website development services, which has led to increase in the demand for expert web developers. But, this rapid increase has rather become bothersome for web developers, as they are required to meet the incessant demands of the customers which keep on varying time and again. For this reason, a lot of web developers today are utilizing diverse mobile applications.

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Today, there are several mobile apps out there in the market space that helps web developers to make the website development process easy and time saving. What’s more, these apps proffer exemplary ways to web developers to design and develop compelling websites within the stringent deadlines. Android app market boasts a number of amazing and highly useful apps for web developers.

I’ve studied some amazing Android web editor apps that are a must-have for every web developer. But, the one I found to be really useful is the Android Web Editor Lite. Let’s have a detailed view on this notable web editor app.

Android Web Editor Lite

For developers who are often on the move, carrying large programming files isn’t a great idea. A better solution is to have a handy web editor in your pocket. Android Web Editor Lite is exceptional mobile software for website development that allows web developers to create their own Html, javascript and other pages or make edits in the already existing ones. The biggest advantage of Android web editor lite is that it supports all types of web files.

What Else? The app also lets you preview your programming files in built-in quick view unit or in the web browser with the web server. Besides this, you can even manage, upload and download files through the FTP and also manage your local files and folders. One most striking feature that sets makes this app a worthy option for web developers as opposed to the other editors is its ability to run code through its own web server, and thus allows developers to debug their PHP code before deploying the files live.

Here’s the link to download Android Web Editor from Play Store.

Why to Use Android Web Editor Lite?

  • Android’s Web Editor Lite is an excellent source code editor for webmasters and web designers that provides them with a plethora of benefits:
    Provides syntax highlighting
  • Helps in completion of code for files such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • It provides quick preview of the web page.
  • Gives the ability to create custom buttons.
  • Work with your FTP server and files in your Android’s smartphone.
  • Changes set of custom buttons (known as hotkeys) for external keyboard through the siding on the main screen.

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Other Android Web Editors

Apart from Android web editor lite, there are two other web editors that help in editing code while you are on the fly – WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite and DroidEdit. Let’s have a more detailed view on both these code editors.

1. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

If you want to have the pleasure to behold and use a handy source code editor, then WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite fits your bill. This Android web editor app is very useful for all web developers, especially the novel developers as it supports HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS editor – the most essential editors for programming and developing a well-built website.

Here’s the link to download WebMaster’s HTML Editor from Play Store.

2. DroidEdit (free code editor)

Like Notepad++ editor or gedit, DroidEdit is a simple text and source code editor made available for android powered devices. If you are a web developer looking to have a web editor on your device to just edit the code while on the go, then this Android web editor app is the most viable alternative for you. It boasts several features such as syntax highlighting for a number of languages, keyboard shortcuts, and undo/redo feature to name a few.

Here’s the link to download DroidEdit from Play Store.

In Conclusion
I do give preference to Android Web Editor Lite in “general”, when it comes to making edits in the html, php and other files formats. However, I’ll admit that the other two web editors as discussed above (that is WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite and DroidEdit) are also very useful – Android web editor apps when it comes to coding on the move.


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