Track How Many Hours You Spend On Facebook

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An average US citizen spends 7 hours and 45 minutes on Facebook per month.

Does Facebook eats up your time and don’t know how many hours you will be wasting up by facebooking in your lifetime?


Lets get started and track our facebooking time in a day, month and lifetime. TimeRabbit is a Windows Freeware used to monitor time duration you spend using Facebook. Once TimeRabbit is downloaded & installed to your PC, no configuration to be made in it you just minimize or close the application. And app starts running in the background and monitors your browser, when URL is loaded in your browser TimeRabbit starts tick-tocking and timing will be paused when you close Facebook tab or remain idle by without using Facebook. It gives out exact timing, as I had tried it side by side with it.

It works neat in all popular web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer.

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By tracking your usage time won’t be motivating you to use Facebook, once the time lost we can’t gain it back again. And sure its going to be a good parental application to track child’s Facebooking time and parents time too 😉 . No one will help us unless and until we take some measures to get rid of it. Get your time tracked and comment about it below.

Here’s the link to Download TimeRabbit.



  1. This is good. It’s actually been proven that spending too much time on Facebook causes depression. So I think it’s important to limit our time there and especially don’t let children spend too much time there since they don’t understand depression and won’t know what the cause is.

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