Update Your Facebook Status Via Your Dream Phone Without Having It

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“Dream, Dream Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.”

Everyone will have a dream about their future phone to buy. And my dream phone is iPhone and I’m waiting to buy with my penny earned, but it may take sometime to meet my dream phone. But before achieving it, I found a smart & funny trick to update Facebook status via our dream phone before buying, don’t forget to surprise your friends.



Its more or like a giveaway from us, Status via is really a smart android application which allow users to update their Facebook status from various devices without having it. It’s not an utility tool to elaborate a lot, its just for fun so just finishing it up short. After downloading and launch the app, it would shows up device’s list and you can choose the device you want, type in your status and start sharing.

SC20130825-004529 SC20130825-004627

Turn your android phone into your dream phone by using it.

Here’s the link to Download Status Via From Playstore

This trick is not only for Android phone users, its for all. Yep, you can update your Facebook status like the above one, using your PC too. Just visit fbstatusvia.com choose your device from the list and start sharing your status. You got lot more interesting devices in fbstatusvia.com.



You can trend within your friends circle until they land this page or to you to check your new gadget. HAPPY FACEBOOKING!!!


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