How To Track Your Sent Email Whether The Recipient Opened Your Email Or Not?

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The only thing that makes us fail in all moments, EXPECTATIONS.
Yogeshwaran Selvaraju

We know that our expectations would fail, but still we expect something from someone at some time. It’s human default as we can’t do anything. There are certain times where we would be waiting for a reply Email from someone, without knowing whether the recipient had opened our mail or not. In order to conform it, we can’t call or message the other person about the mail sent, because we might have sent mail to the unknown person who is not in contact with us. How to find whether the mail recipient opened or Email or not?


mxHero Toolbox is a free utility extension for Chrome browser, which helps in tracking sent mail, clicks and links in Email. Other features like self destruct, private delivery, send later and reply time out. Add mxHero toolbox extension to your chrome browser, you would get the tutorial info about the app as you get a clear view about the extension.

1-26-2014 10-17-11 PM

Go to, click Compose button start typing the mail once completed, click the mxHero button 1-26-2014 10-12-14 PM next to send button. You can see various features available in it, just choose the feature you need and click Send button. You can use Total track option instead of choosing a particular thing. Once the message sent and the recipient opened your mail, you will be getting an Email like the image shown below.

1-26-2014 5-54-55 PM

Sure, this extension will be useful for all, a good thing is you can send unlimited Emails using this extension where other extension have certain limitations to use. If you have known about any other extension like this, share with us in the comment section.

Here’s the link to download mxHero Toolbox from chrome store.

A video about the plugin made by the developer,


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