Automatically Turn On/Off Wifi, Bluetooth & Mobile Data When You Need

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World of automation is not so far, as we expect the word “automatic” in all. If the word automatic displayed in any ad or in the description of the material will incline us to buy the product or just give a try. And this post is about an automate app only. We use smartphone widely, and in smartphone we will be using Wifi, Bluetooth and mobile data for browsing, downloading and sharing files, and at the other side our phone’s battery charge will be draining off when all these radio signals are turned on. Its not that easy to use these radio signals without running out of charge. By managing and scheduling these signals we can save our charge. Do you know how?


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Wireless Minder will let your mind off from turning on/off your radio signals(WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data) when your in need. It completely manages your wireless radio’s by checking for connections periodically turning on/off the wireless, if your wireless remains idle for a particular time then it turns off automatically and it will remain on if connections available.

To manage your wireless radio’s automatically, just download and launch the app, and it starts running in the background once installed. If you would like to manage connections between Wifi and mobile data then open the app and navigate to setting options and enable Mind Mobile data. By enabling the option it automatically turns off mobile data when Wifi connection is available, and it turns on mobile data if there is no Wifi hotspot available. Other than that no other setting to be altered.


Here’s the examples available at developer page, “If you leave Bluetooth disabled most of the time but have a hands-free set in the car, Wireless Minder turns it on so you don’t have to manually enable Bluetooth. If Bluetooth isn’t already on when a call is made or received, Wireless Minder quickly enables it so that the hands-free set will be used.”

Here’s the link to Download Wireless Minder From Play Store.



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