Download Google Play Store 5.1.11

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Google play store version 5.1.11 is available for download. Previously, we notified you about Google play store version 5.0.31 which was all about the material design and other updates. And what’s going to be new in the updated version 5.1.11.


Can you guess what’s new by just seeing the screenshot below,
google play store 5-1-11

According to Android Police, the new changes made in Google Play Store 5.1.11,

  • Full-height navigation drawer.
  • Real-time card shadows on Android 5.0+.
  • Tweaks to scrolling and other visuals in My Apps page.
  • New My Account page with order history.

And there are a lot more new updates made in the latest version, you can check it on your own and share about it in the comment section below.

Updated version is not just for Android 5.0 devices, you can update in any android devices running on any android version. How does the new play store look on your android device? Materialistic.

Here’s the link to download Google Play Store Version 5.1.11.

SOURCE: Android Police

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