Hide “Seen” & “Typing” Indicators On Facebook Chat

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Worried about “seen at” and “typing” indicators while using Facebook chat. Well, everyone won’t be worrying about it, there are few who might face few problems due these indicators. Sometimes break-up can also occur due to “Seen at” Facebook message indicators 😉 Are you one among the other, who facing problems due to these indicators on Facebook? We got some cure to solve these issues. Are you ready to get rid of these indicators?


4-20-2014 8-03-47 PM
Facebook Unseen extension could solve “seen at’ and “typing” indicators problem on Facebook by blocking Facebook’s read receipts from being sent. If the Facebook’s read receipt is blocked, the messages we receive will remain unread on our side, which will indicates that the message is not read by us on message sender side. How many times you read the message, it will remain unread until you remove the plugin from your browser. So, by using Facebook unseen extension you can sort out your relationship problems for most of the time.

I had tested both the plug-in and extension in my web browser. It works neat without any fail. Only thing you should be careful about it, is not to remove the plug-in from your web browser.

Here’s the link to download Facebook Unseen add-on for Firefox browser.

Here’s the link to download Facebook Unseen extension for Chrome browser.

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