Its Time To Get New Gmail Inbox Update

We had already notified the screenshots of new Gmail inbox in our blog. And now its time to take screenshot of our own gmail with new gmail inbox. Some may have already enabled the new view. If not follow the steps to get the new tabbed gmail ibox.

  • Go To Gmail log in with your username and password.
  • Click the gear button and see if you can find “Configure inbox”. Check out later if you can’t find “Configure inbox”.

  • Click on “Configure inbox” to use the new feature.

  • Choose required tab on your wish to display
    • Social tab displays Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ messages.
    • Promotions tab displays newsletters, offers and other bulk messages.
    • Updates tab displays confirmations, bills, receipts.
    • Forums tab displays online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists messages.
    • Primary tab displays all the other messages.
  • Click “Save” after choosing the required tab and then welcome panel pops-up.

  • Click “Okay, got it!” and you can view your new tabbed gmail inbox and here is my new tabbed gmail inbox.

  •   Click “+” button to hide or show tabs. You can hide all the tabs except Primary to go back to the old inbox.

That’s all to be notified to get new tabbed gmail inbox. Let’s all roll out the new update and if any trouble, just comment we are here to help.

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Written by Yogeshwaran Selvaraju

Yogeshwaran Selvaraju is a Tech Notifier and Founder at Tech2Notify. He had done Mechanical Engineering in a diversely way and finally ended up with Tech2notify. He passes time by googling, facebooking and watching movies.

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