Momentcam: Turns Images Into Comic Characters


There is no age limits to enjoy comics, as we know many superhero movies arises from comic books. Each person will have their own superhero concept within them, but conveying it visually involves some tedious process.

Momentcam will let you create comical characters using your eyes and lips. Its similar to all photo editing softwares, but it got something unique in it, which would let you to have some fun with your friends photo or yours too.

You can capture photo by tapping the camera button in top left corner of the app, or you can use photos available in gallery. Notable features of Momentcam are face edit, designs, create.

Face edit – you change face shape, hairstyle, eyebrow, mustache and can use glasses too.
Designs – you can use various designs as you wish according to the availability. It got various categories to make use of it.
Create – you can customize the image to various styles and can choose the brush type.
My – you can download various design using “My”option.




No need of any long description about how to use momentcam as you can use it at ease once it got installed. Let’s make our creations go crazy with comic visuals.

Here’s the link to download Momentcam from play store.

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