Nokia Normandy Images Leaks Once Again, This Time Its Colorful


Few weeks back there was a rumour about Nokia that they were working on their first Android powered smartphone named, “Normandy.” Last time it was @evleaks, who tweeted with a pic about Nokia’s unveiled smartphone. Evleaks doesn’t says that Nokia Normandy is an Android powered smartphone, but other popular blog like The Verge posted about it with a title “This is Nokia’s Android phone.” That creates a hype for the image to spread out wild.

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This time too it was @evleaks, who had leaked the picture of Nokia Normandy in a tweet. Previously, the image leaked has a red colored smartphone, but this time there were multi colored smartphones in the image. The leaked picture shows that Nokia Normandy will be available in different colors like black, blue, green, white, red and yellow.

No other info were available about the Nokia Normandy. Still the rumour remains as to be rumoured.

Image Credits: Evleaks

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