Opera 21 Is Now Available For Mac And Windows

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Opera web browser is one of the best browsers in the world which is mostly used for mobile phones. Opera has now updated their software and released Opera 21 for Windows and Mac. This version is for fast, safe and fun web browsing experience.


The new main update in this versions is Aura hardware acceleration which provides smoother and snappier cool animation feel. But there is no Aura for Mac, but enabled with Apple Core Animation.


Address field option is other feature in Opera 21 this shows a page complete URL in address field. Simplified URL option has been removed since it has many disadvantages.

Key fixes and improvements:

  • Updated Chromium to 34.0.1847.132 for even better site compatibility.
  • Opera will now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows. No more tiny fonts!
  • We have reworked our Mac keyboard handling slightly to allow for better support of web apps such as Google Docs and GitHub.
  • Off-Road mode (Opera Turbo) is explained when it is enabled.

Download Opera 21 for Windows

Download Opera 21 for Mac

For more info read official blog of Opera 

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