Control Your Android Mobile By Waving Hands

As notified earlier about controlling music with the hand gesture in Windows and Mac OS, now its time for Android to control music and call by just waving your hands over the phone, no need to touch your phone screen to change the song or to answer the call. This notification is about an android application which can control music and answer phone calls by just waving your hands .

Wave Control is an android application developed to control music, videos and phone calls by just waving your hands over the phone without touching the phone. It had extended it branches by supporting various applications like Spotify, Rocket Player, PowerAmp Menu, Pandora, last.FM, Slacker Radio, Uber Music, Samsung Music Player, Google Music, MixZing, Winamp, DoggCatcher, PodPlayer+, MX Player, Samsung FM Radio and more. You can navigate through the application to get max. of functioning from it.

Basic controls to use

  • Holding it there (hover) – Pause/Resume
  • One wave across – Next Song
  • Two waves across – Previous Song
  • Three times – Enable/Disable the controls

As mentioned in the description sure it would help out in while driving, eating, cooking, cleaning, working out. These conditions would lead your hand to be messy and by using wave control can avoid your phone from getting dirty, may be from scratches too. It had may also show some uniqueness from other android phone users as they will touch the phone screen to operate, but you won’t touch to operate your phone.

It supports Android version above 2.2 and works good in all mobile and if any problem exists change the music app you’re using. Just start using wave control and save your time.

Here’s the link to Download Wave Control From Play Store

More about wave control on its YouTube video