How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Security Camera?

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Only thing that makes us fail in all moments, expectations.
Yogeshwaran Selvaraju

But your Android mobile can do more than your expectations, if you undergo research in it. I just found an app which pretty amused me without any struggle in configuring it. While configuring the app it reminds me of several movie where security camera would be placed in their surrounding for security reasons. And more important is Geeky tone is assured. IP Webcam is a simple and safeguarding app by turning your Android phone into a security camera.


As mentioned “simple” its just a matter of click to configure and run the app with various viewing options like adjusting resolution, orientation, audio mode, focus mode and more. You can also use login and  password to make it more secure, if you like to have. I didn’t make any changes to system due to curiosity of knowing whether it works or not, but it didn’t fail ;).

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After setting up the app to required config and location, just click “start server” at the bottom and the app will turn on the camera and starts capturing video. You can stream live by using the IP address shown in your phone at bottom, enter the IP address in your web browser’s address bar. SC20130819-141743 You can choose your own option to stream videos. I used browser built-in viewer to stream. ip1 It worked in both firefox and chrome browser’s without a struggle.ip2 You can also enable audio while streaming, save the video, view full screen and further more options will be available if you prefer third party software. As it supports android mobile from version 1.6, you can use your old mobile which would be an efficient way to use than dumping it.

Here’s the link to Download IP Webcam From Play Store.

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