Android Device Manager Available On Play Store


We already notified you about Android device manager and its features. It helps you to find your lost Android phone remotely by showing you the location of the mobile where it was previously found, and it can also ring your phone continuously for 5 minutes at full volume. But your Android phone should have active data plan to perform these functions. Until these many days you can track your Android device remotely using Android device manger webpage. But from now you can find your lost Android phone using another Android phone.


There’s no new additional features enabled to the app, but a thing amazed me in the app is which tells exactly that the device is in my hand while searching for it. You can set up lock and erase using the app, ring the phone for 5 minutes at full volume and reset screen lock PIN of your device. It will be useful for those who have multiple devices with them otherwise it wont be useful app for single Android device holder. But still you can just give a try to it since its a Google product.

Here’s the link to download Android Device Manager From Play Store.

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