Automatically Turn Off Music In Your Android Phone When You Fall Asleep

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Sleep without melody would be incomplete, listening to favorite playlist while sleep would be blessedSmiley listening to music without any nightmares. But what happens after you fall asleep? song plays, battery drains. Now it gets balanced, you can listen to your playlist while sleep and your phone charge too will be saved by a music timer app.


Music Off is just a perfect Android application for bedtime music play, which turns off music automatically when you fall asleep. It uses the accelerometer in your Android phone and act as a music timer, accelerometer monitors the signal from the body while you lie on the bed or couch or floor, and it turns off music after you fall asleep. Music off doesn’t turn off music quickly once you fall sleep it just turns down the volume level slowly, and when the volume level reaches zero music will be turned off, you can also set time duration when volume should goes down.

App suits to all whether you sleep in the bed or couch or floor.


  • Users may set time for the music to turn off.
  • Timer automatically turns off the music after monitoring the users body movement.
  • Users can set sensitivity to measure their body movement while using accelerometer.
  • Sensitivity can be set between 0-10
  • Test function available to test sensitivity
  • Music turns off by gradually decreasing volume.
  • Users are able to set the length of time it takes for the volume to reach zero.
  • Timer can kill any music App. Bugs, Melon, 4shared music, Naver Music, Cyworld Music, and more.
  • Minimum battery consumption and detailed design

Developer dedicated the app to Agnes, and I dedicate it to all bedtime music lovers. Have a charge full music nights.

Here’s the link to Download Music Off Play Store

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Here’s the YouTube Video where developer speaks about it,




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